Monday, January 5, 2009

I am back!

I have been away from blogging for way too long! For some time, I was using this blog only to experiment my summer '08 project at the University of Southampton, UK on "Detecting Creative Commons License Violations on Flickr Images on the web". In fact, if you visited this blog between now and last summer you might have seen weird images embedded in the blog, and might have wondered what the heck I was doing :)

Anyways, I made a new year resolution to blog more often. I've always experienced that thinking aloud is extremely beneficial in several ways. Imparting knowledge (or maybe sometimes nonsense) to others is really good, and in my case it really helps to structure my ideas much clearly. Since I really need to be in the writing mood soon (SM thesis due by the end of the Spring semester :( ), I believe this would give me good practice!

So stay tuned :)


Yajith Ajantha said...

yeh, i was wondering what this creating commons man on the blog meant..

welcome back.. :)

Yajith Ajantha said...

oops..i meant creative* commons

danbri said...

re CC license violations, do you look at issues around people trying to change their license terms ? (eg. within flickr...)

Oshani said...


Well, my code only checks for CC-BY (Creative Commons Attribution) License violations. Since Flickr is still on CC 2.0, and that spec says attributions MUST be given for all CC license types, even if people change their licenses within Flickr, the code works as expected.