Saturday, January 12, 2008

Web 2.0 in under 5 minutes

My knowledge on the subject is also very much limited. But by far this is the most accurate, short and visually pleasing presentation I've seen on the topic:

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Holiday Adventures

I am back from a short trip to several states in the east coast. I went on this trip with two Sri Lankan friends I met here - Varuni and Radheeka, studying at Boston University and University of Southern California respectively. We went to New York, New Jersey, Washington DC and Virginia. We visited so many famous places, museums and even got to see two Broadway shows including Lion King and the Blue Man Group.

The trip was lot of fun and I had loads of experience (both good and bad). The good stuff were the amazing sights and sounds we got to experience (including the 100th anniversary of the crystal ball dropping at Times Square, getting FRONT ROW seats at the Blue Man Show, etc), having got to stay in 'real' houses which I so dearly missed, and getting to taste Sri Lankan food. Bad experiences were delayed flights and lost baggages ruining some outing plans, getting sick, and sometimes feeling that luck was never on our side when it comes to the weather and timing :(.

However, we had an awesome time, and we are determined to go on similar kind of trips in the future covering all 50 states of the United States!

Here are some of the pictures we took on this trip:

And here are some of the sights and sounds we got to experience.
(Fair warning though.. these are amateur videos, so you might get giddy after watching those for few seconds :)

Lights near the Rockefeller Center:

Ice Skating:
(tried and failed twice, and now scared to death to try again :)

New Year's eve at Times Square: