Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Buddha Lounge

This is the name of a bar/night club I see on a day-to-day basis these days (because it's very close to where I am staying right now). Every time I see it, I keep on thinking why the club owners thought having the name 'Buddha' would be a nice fit for the club. Does it sound trendy to have a religious icon from the east? I think not!

Also, here's what my friend Simon has to say about this same bar.

IMHO, I think people should be much more respectful towards other religions.


Anonymous said...

The "Buddha Bar" is a trendy hype bar for rich people which has been created in Paris by Raymond Visan 12 years ago with Thierry Bégué. It has been developped as a trademark and a franchise. There are now Buddha Bars accross the world in big cities. They also sell CDs of the music (DJ, lascive singers for people bored and lot of money ;) exagerating here) played in the bar.

Since he has created new concept such as Little Buddha Cafe, Karma kafe, Sanctuary and siddharta cafe revolving around the renewed hype for India. A bit like the romantic dream of revolution around the Che, there is a romantic dream around hippies who went to India for meditating.

So now becoming a pop culture phenomena, many little bars with derivative names are copying the hype. Fashioned entertainment.

:p I stop here.

Randima said...

This is really tragic. When time goes by people will join these with the buddhism concepts and the main concepts of buddhism will be misunderstood. I think you know what I am talking about.

Buddhism is to fade away from this world according to the concepts of buddhism.The nobel truth found by "Lord Buddha" will be there in the world forever, only that people who know the real truth will be mislead and humans will not know what the real truth is.
So I think people with capabilities shoul come forward to protect it . Not for someone
else but for themselves and their siblinlings. If someone can generate a powerfull force against these misdoings its a great merrit for them. So Im also going to do something about it. I think its people like you who can make a big difference. Please anyone one who reads this take action and try to stop this.
Whats the use of our lives without BUDDHISM. We eat,drink,sleep,raise a family,get old and die. Is that the only a human is capable of.