Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Today was one of these days I really wish I had my camera with me :) It is Halloween here and students here at MIT celebrate it in a grand style.

I was waiting outside one of the classes to end (because my class was right after it), and I could not help but laugh seeing all the students who came out of the class dressed up in very weird costumes - the first guy was dressed up as a banana, and another girl was dressed up as a sumo wrestler (she was wearing a balloon like thing which took up the entire corridor width), there were few witches, and one guy was even wearing a bathrobe!

It is not only students who seemed to be enjoying Halloween. I even came across few professors who were in costumes - most of them seemed to have take up characters from Harry Potter.

It seemed really fun to be dressed up like that. I was wondering what would happen if we start a similar tradition in Sri Lanka ;)

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