Friday, October 19, 2007

gsl is great!

When the Fall semester started I signed up for gsl (Graduate Students Lunch). If you have no idea what gsl is - well, it is a social event for MIT CSAIL grad students where they have to sign up to cook lunch once for the year, and get free lunch which is cooked by other students once a week on every Fridays.

The most interesting thing about gsl is the diversity of food. Every week, there is some new food to try out. Today it was falafel and hummus, last week it was fajitas, salsa, and guacamole, the week before it was vegetable radiatore and potato gnocchi, etc and etc. When I see the email announcing the food, I always have no ideas how it will look like or what it will taste like. But so far it has been great! I mean the food is not the best culinary efforts I've seen (after all, these food are prepared by MIT students :), but still it is great to taste all these different kinds of food from all around the world!

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