Saturday, February 9, 2008

My debut with sushi

Well, I have never in my life ever tried to make sushi.. Actually to let you know a little secret I am even very clumsy with the chopsticks! However, last Friday I was part of a team which made sushi for 80 people (this was for CSAIL GSL). Isn't that cool or what?? :)

The team was Paul, Jen, Thomas and Yoong-Keok. Paul was the master chef, and out of all 5, I guess I was the one who was most alien to the sushi preparation :). However, I now know how to do it, and I'd soon try it on my own. And I think I'd even become a huge sushi fan!!

Sushi preparation is not that hard. However, it is bit time consuming and requires a bit of patience. We spent about 8 hours on Thursday evening cooking rice and wrapping up the sushi. We made California Roll, Shrimp Inari Sushi, Eel roll, Sweet Egg roll and Cucumber and Avocado roll along with the Miso soup. I was a lot of work, but it was loads of fun too!!

Here are some of the pictures Paul took...

Everybody serving themselves the sushi at the GSL:

Paul did a nice job in laying out the sushi very attractively:

This is my favorite :)
We had a quite a bit more rice than we anticipated. So we thought of being very creative with the leftover rice. Thomas made the 'castle' (on the top), I made the 'face with seaweed as hair' (middle), Yoong-keok made the 'turtle' (left of the face), 'penguin' (south of the face) and a 'ginger-bread man' (right of the face). Of course we put signs asking people not to eat these!

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