Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Undergrad Days are Almost Over!

It feels like yesterday.

I never imagined that time would fly so fast the day that I first stepped in to the University. But it has!

I started studying at University of Moratuwa on June 2nd 2003, and now my undergrad life is almost over, with only about 3 weeks of work remaining in the June term. Although I am technically still a student, I feel more out than in! :)

So, what do I feel when I look back at the past four years?

Simply Great!

During the intensive English studies period I had a very good clique of friends. Did so many crazy things together, and it was real fun! Then I got involved in a student run organization called AIESEC, where I learnt a lot about the world in general. Unfortunately I gave it up, because I wanted to concentrate more on my studies.
I managed to get into the Computer Science & Engineering Department. I was pretty passionate about the field, and I had a feeling that I could do better in Computer Science Engineering than in any other field. The only difficulty I had was that, most of my closest friends selected Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering and I missed being with them. Somehow, I found new friends, and I had an interesting time with them during the past three years.

Then came level 3. I don't remember anything interesting in the first half, but certainly the second half is really worth mentioning. As engineering undergraduates we are supposed to do a mandatory 6 months internship at a software development company during the semester 2 of level 3. I selected WSO2 for my internship, because I wanted a really BIG challenge. I did not know ANYTHING about web services and didn't have much experience with open source when I started there. Therefore, the work was pretty hard for me at the very beginning. Somehow, I managed to learn lot of things and did interesting stuff. Looking back, I really value my time there. In fact, that experience changed my life a lot!

Then in my final year I had a rare opportunity to participate in a big computing conference for women. This was also one of turning points in my life, as I decided that I want to do graduate studies and started looking at that direction.

I feel so sad that it is all coming to an end. If I remember right, I had a similar feeling after doing my A/Ls and had to say good-bye to all my school friends. Somehow, I got over that and I believe it is part of life.

So, what's next for me? Just one word - MIT !


Dilan Anuruddha said...

Hi Oshy,
I was checkin your blog today to find out how your journey and post graduate life? Hope you would write about you new life asap. :)

rajika said...

Good luck..!